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Our Covid-19 Statement

At Brickfields Farm we are fortunate to be in a rural setting away from heavily populated areas and with accommodation that is entirely independent of each other with the exception of our breakfast room.

We monitoring the situation closely in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19). We already have high standards of hygiene and continue to use good quality effective antibacterial cleaning products but we are taking extra precautions in line with the World Health Organization (WHO’s) recommendations and NHS guidance to protect our guests as best we can and do our bit to reduce exposure to and transmission of this illness.

Here are the steps we are taking

Our team; hospitality, catering and maintenance team members are washing their hands frequently with soap and water.

We have placed guidance in the laundry, kitchen and food store to remind our team members to follow the guidance for hand washing, coughing and recognising symptoms.

In addition to our standard cleaning regime we are wiping light switches, door handles, furniture handles, remote controls, thermostats and lamp switches with anti-bacterial wipes.

All communal areas are being cleaned to the NHS Gold Standard.

Our plates, cutlery, cooking utensils and pots are washed in a commercial washer /sanitiser at 60 degrees..

Currently whilst the outbreak is present in the UK we will be washing our linens (towels and bedding) at a higher temperature.

We are offering breakfast room service for anyone concerned about being amongst other people.

We are asking our guests to take precautions to protect thier own health and the health of others at Brickfields Farm by observing the WHO/NHS guidance regarding hand and respiratory hygiene available on

If any of our guests have specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

On a positive note...the daffodils our out, the blackbirds have their first baby a lovely place to be.

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