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Rat trap and garden brick bonds

A Unique Place Steeped in History

Brickfields Farm is a place with a rich history that dates back the 1700s. It was once a brick and tile making site where the clay was excavated from the land and mixed with water before being kneaded into molds by hand. The farmhouse and outbuildings were constructed using the rejected bricks and some unusual bonds that date the buildings back to pre-1800. It's a testament to the hard work and physical labour that went into creating this unique piece of history.

The old drying sheds now luxury accommodation at Brickfields Farm

The original drying sheds have been transformed into luxurious accommodation and the farmhouse is now a popular restaurant.

Even though the site has been modernised, the ghostly outlines of the original buildings can still be seen etched on the land, reminding us of its industrious past.

Come and experience the unique blend of history and luxury at our site.

Room name plaque at the entrance of a guest room at Brickfields Farm

From 1905 to 2018, the land was owned by the same family, and although farming activity ceased in 2001, the famous drying shed was repurposed as a home for a herd of dairy cattle.

The orchard, once well-stocked and enjoyed by resident pigs, is now mostly gone, but visitors to the car park can still see the only surviving pear tree from that time.

Pear Tree 1_edited.jpg

In late 2018, the current owners Ian and Karen moved into a tired unloved place and supported by a small and dedicated team began the next phase of Brickfields Farms history... to create a luxurious getaway for guests to enjoy the beauty of North Yorkshire's countryside, coast, and villages, while also preserving the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. 

lavender grown in the herb garden

At Brickfields Farm, we practice a responsible stewardship approach. We take great pride in our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the land and its inhabitants. We achieve this by maintaining a supportive landscape that's encourages local wild life.

We prioritise British products, local suppliers and environmentally-friendly products and utilise produce from our very own kitchen garden. 

We champion recycling and are delighted when guests join in by using the bins provided.

Autun pickles made with pears from the last remaining orchard tree
Brickfields Farm-129_edited.jpg
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